Author: Silvia Marazzo

language barrier

Immigrants and the Language Barrier

How language can become a barrier to a life of better opportunities Although immigrating to another country may bring with it better opportunities in a classic “the grass is greener…

true identity

Tracing Our Family Tree to Find Our True Identity

What is true identity?: The importance of teaching your child the family history Children love stories. Through stories, they become hero/ines, visit fantastic places, and make friends with powerful creatures.…

improve mental health

Why Mental Health Professionals Find “Cuentos” Helpful in Immigrant Families

How to improve mental health through storytelling Migration contributes to the richness of one country’s cultural, social, and economic diversity. For the immigrant, it involves the poignant loss of all…

children stories

Children’s Stories or Cuentos Recommended by Mother

Mothers’ approved remarkable bedtime stories for children As a parent, you may be well aware that story time is an essential part of your child’s day. It is not only…

story endings

Why the Cuentos Seem Unfinished

Do you want to know how great story endings are made? Every story has a beginning and an ending. Sometimes, it is hard for writers to start the story; but…