2018 Frankfurter Buchmesse Unforgetable Experience

Dear Reader,

I am so happy to be back!

Since last October my energy has been focused on healing as I suffered an accident in Berlin, Germany, last October after attending the Frankfurt Bukmesse where my little “Cuentos” were invited. The accident had unexpected and profound impact on my life, reminding me that vulnerability is the teacher I love the most. Vulnerability brought my papá’s words, “Hijita, you can use your courage to discover new sources of resiliency if you are open to be as present with suffering as you are with love….” My papá taught me that a meaningful life is a life of letting go and welcoming the discoveries brought by everything, including loss and fear, with curiosity, with optimism and faith. I have tried to live following this path. It is hard work for my heart but it is the only way for me.

From the beginning of this medical journey I have been surrounded by the love of all those strangers who assisted me. I hope to be able to travel back to Berlin one day to share my infinite gratitude with everyone, everyone I encounter in its streets. I was so alone and felt so loved, deeply held. I experienced such compassion, such generosity…. Stranger’s time, words, acts became that warm, embracing hug that changes you forever and you always long to encounter again.

As I think about these days in beloved, resilient, generous Berlin I feel a gratitude and a love that I simply cannot describe. This was the gift of this unfortunate and at times terrifying accident: this new parts of my heart that trusts the stranger. These new parts of my heart are filed with light, beauty, they make me feel humble, loving, deeply hopeful. Thank you Berlin for giving my heart this gift!

Now, I would love to share with you the link to my interview by J.A Barco, LitFire amazing companion at the 2018 Frankfurt Bukmesse (scroll down). It was a powerful experience as my little “Cuentos” found a place in the heart of immigrant lovers of the world. Yet, I was surprised to discover that there was not a specific place for millions of families displaced all over the world. Where is that place? How can we create it? If anything, they have that place in the heart of millions of people all over the world who understand their quest because inevitable they understand that we have been immigrants since the beginning of humanity.
With loving gratitude,

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