Where does a mother come from? How can a child take in all of a mother’s sacrifice? This is a story of a migrant mother’s journey to settle in a foreign land to ensure her child’s safety. Lovingly packaged with wonderful illustrations on each page to reflect a child’s curiosity, author Silvia Juarez-Marazzo amplifies what a mother’s love can do for her offspring.

¡Mamá, cuéntame cómo viniste!Mommy, tell me, how you got here?

With humble crayon drawings and the innocence of children’s curiosity, “¡Mamá, cuéntame como viniste!” tells the life transforming saga of the immigrant mother going through the unthinkable to bring to her children possibility and safety. Although this book was born in the work with Latino American mothers, its loving and powerful message gives voice to the immigrant mothers of our global community. This book is profound and it is transforming for children and adults as it allows in a gentle and sensitive way to talk about both the hope and the massive losses inherent to the journey of all of us, immigrants.



Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Silvia fell in love with young children and their inner world when she began to work as an educator for young children with unique emotional needs in the “barrios” and peasant communities of Buenos Aires thirty-five years ago. Her work as an educator, psychotherapist, and social worker has been centered on the core belief that there is no such thing as a child: there is a child, his caregiver(s), and their community. In 2010, Silvia discovered, through the deeply transformative experience at the Infant Parent Mental Health Fellowship at the University of Massachusetts, led by Dr. Ed Tronick that creating “cuentos,” or short illustrated stories for children, could give a powerful voice to the Latino-American immigrant mothers with whom she has worked for the last twenty years. She published her first cuento, “¡Mamá Cuéntame Cómo Viniste!,” in 2013. This book creates a dialogue that helps mothers remember, share and embrace their untold stories with their children. “¡Mamá, cuéntame cómo viniste!” was showcased at the 2014 Los Angeles Times Book Fair and in the Publisher’s Weekly Magazine. In 2015, Silvia expanded this story in her second cuento, “¡Mamá, cuentame porqué viniste! Silvia’s books were well received at the 2016 Guadalajara International Book Fair. Silvia is the Connecticut Infant Mental Health Association 2014 Jane C. Bourns Award recipient for Excellence and Exemplary Service to Young Children and their Families in the Field of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health. She is currently working on her third “cuento,” expanding on the immigrant mothers stories of courage, love and hope.


Mommy, I know that I came from your tummy!

Mommy, did you come from the high mountains?

Oh! How did you do it? Did you do it using all your courage? Did you do it using all your strength? Did you do it using all your love?

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